Pictures of Camp Lebanon (new campground).

Dear Friend:

As you might be aware, this will be our last year at the campground in West Milton, Ohio.  Of course, this brings a lot of mixed emotions being there are so many happy memories for so many people at this campground.  We thank God for what He has done the past thirty years in West Milton.  Since receiving the news that the campground would no longer be available for rent, we have prayed for God’s direction in this manner.  We desire to be where He wants us to be.

Last December, we went to look at Camp Lebanon in Oregonia, Ohio.  From what we could tell, it appeared to be promising.  This past April, several of us went to look at it a second time.  This time we had the opportunity to speak to LC, the director.  We explained our needs and dates that we would like.  In May, we received the news that they would honor our dates that we had requested.  Next year, Believers Youth Camp will be held Saturday, July 6 – Saturday, July 13, 2013.  Lord willing, we plan to move forward believing that this is where God wants BYC in this season.

By God’s grace, we plan to continue with the vision that was birthed over thirty years and that is leading kids and teenagers to an experience with Christ.  In all things, we desire His will and His timing.  We thank Him for all the lives that have been touched in the past thirty years and pray that we will stay true to the calling.

You can visit to view pictures and receive information about the campground.  The new campground is located in Oregonia, OH.

God bless,
Michael Tidwell
Doug Severt

This letter was passed out at BYC 2012 &