On Saturday, Believers Youth Camp will began.  Please keep the upcoming services in your prayers.    Our desire  is to see young people have a true experience with Christ and grow in the Word of God.

I met, heard someone last night. I never knew Brother Carl Williams’ son. I was, today, just bragging on that certain young man that got up and was talking about the young people’s rally. And I told my daughter. I said, “Now, you want to make it your business to get in there.” She said, “I don’t know nobody in there.”  I said, “You’ll know somebody, or everybody will know you. Just go on in, anyhow.” And I’m praying that she receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost during this rally up there.   (REMEMBERING.THE.LORD 63-0122 –  Brother William Branham)

Keep on the firing line,

Bro. Michael

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  1. June 21, 2012 @ 7:30 pm Steve

    What a wonderful quote to read right before camp ! That should encourage all, children & parents to experience all the good that comes from these camps.


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