Guest Post: A Testimony of God’s Mercy

I would like to share a testimony I have seen the Lord do this week. Monday night my family and I sat down to do our bible study before bed, however the Lord moved upon my heart and I began to get a little more excited than usual to say the least. One of my boys has been struggling lately and I knew he was fighting some battles. In the little service we had here in our home on our couch, the Lord convicted his heart and he spoke to me with tears in his eyes,” Daddy, will you pray for me? I want to get right with God.” I tell you saints, it brought joy to my heart! We all knelt right here in my living room as we prayed together for our precious brother in the Lord. My daughter has been asking me about water baptism since I’ve been back from my missions trip to Honduras. I told her its very important to me that she understands why she is being baptized, so we have been studying over true repentance, water baptism, and why we need to be baptized. My daughter is only 7 years old, so I want to make sure it is God dealing with her rather than just doing it because its sounds like a neat thing to do. My wife walked up on her and our neighbor’s child yesterday and heard my daughter telling the little boy,” I have accepted Jesus into my heart and me and my Daddy are praying about me being baptized.” The little boy sat their and listened so intently, my wife told me. It brings joy to my heart! I am a Sunday School teacher for the older kids. One of our young brothers and one of the young sisters has rededicated their life to the Lord since last week as well. By His Grace, I will be baptizing these three this coming Sunday. It brings joy to my heart to see these young souls coming to the Lord. It is a joy to serve the Lord! My God is real. Its not just a bunch of rules to live by, but accepting the Person Jesus Christ into our heart and He is living through us.

God bless,

Bro. Daniel Black

ABOUT:  Brother Daniel Black is a minister of the gospel and is a happily married man with 4 wonderful children.  He enjoy’s expressing life to others and encouraging others to live a fruitful life.  You can visit him at


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