Guest Post: The Real Ladies

A video clip aired Monday evening of the news report from  a television station in Louisville, Ky concerning the ministry of William  Branham. As usual, the report was  lop-sided  in favor of a biased media.  However, Bro. Willard Collins, current pastor of Branham Tabernacle gave an  outstanding testimony of the true essence of the Message of the Hour, saying the  emphasis of the Message is Jesus Christ, and that William Branham was simply a  carrier of that message. Concerning the resurrection, Bro. Collins gave an  accurate description of the prophesied Biblical resurrection which we believe will be soon.

The reporter never commented on what Bro. Branham said about a real lady, and  her position in society as being the backbone of the nation, the home, a church  etc. They only highlighted what he said about a bad woman, and they  ignored what he said of  her abilities to be very destructive, etc.  It is  not hard for me to agree with Bro. William Branham when he said every  day should be Mother's Day. There are some real ladies who are truly what real  mothers are, and they are  the backbone of  a nation, a home, etc.  I have no  problem offering my seat to a real lady. I have no problem opening the door for  a real lady. I have no problem tipping my hat to a real lady. I have no problem  rising from my seat to greet a real lady, or waiting to be seated, while a real  lady is being seated, etc…

Just as there is a real Ms. Jesus Christ, Elect Lady, who has excelled all  others, there are some real ladies.

May God bless the real ladies,

Brother Frank Prater

ABOUT:  Brother Frank Prater resides in Arkansas  with his  wife Sister Pam.  He is the pastor of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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