Chapel Service at the Nashville Rescue Mission

56-0603  THE.LAMB’S.BOOK.OF.LIFE   But let me tell you something. We haven’t got that money. You’re poor men. All of us are. That’s right. We live by the alms of the people, being ministers. But, brother, in Africa one little black boy about this high, or a prostitute off the street yonder in Louisville, one soul saved, in eternity when that star is a shining yonder, our name will wrapped into it. There’s your value. It isn’t how much you got, how much you desire; it’s how much you can do towards saving souls for Christ Jesus. Our money will fade.

After Sunday service, a few of us went down to the Nashville Rescue Mission to hold chapel service. The Mission is a non-profit organization that has a womens’ ministry that helps women get back on their feet.  Being it was our first time to go, we were unsure what to expect.  When we arrived, there had been some miscommunication and we were not on their scheduled list to be there.  But, it did not take them long to bring some of the women together.  They announced on the intercom that there would be a special service and within a few minutes there were about seventy-five women gathered in the chapel area.  As we sang, testified, and ministered, I could not help but think this is what life is all about; helping others.  I am so proud of our young people, who allowed God to use them to help others.  Perhaps in the next issue of Eagle’s View, we will share a testimony about our visit to the Mission.

Keep on the firing line,

Bro. Michael





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  1. February 4, 2012 @ 9:09 am Frank Prater

    Bro. Michael,
    This is a great report of a good event. Not often do we read of local missions efforts. Thanks for sharing it with us, and we will be in prayer that any further events such as this will reap a soul, or souls for the Kingdom of God.
    Bro. Frank Prater


    • February 7, 2012 @ 9:37 am Eagle's View

      There is so much opportunity in our local area to minister to the lost and broken. I appreciate the vision that you and your assembly have.

      Bro. Michael


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