Guest Post: Taking Control

There comes a time in a person’s life, where they must decide to no longer be pushed against the wall and start taking control. Whether it be in the work place or at home, living in this high paced world, we as humans tend to allow our surroundings control us. We can become overburdened with the cares of this life and eventually lose sight of our goals and visions in this life. I heard a story one time about a slave trader looking to buy some slaves. As he looked across all the slaves, they all had their heads down and looked so depressed. They looked as if their was nothing to be prideful about or to look forward to. I mean, in a sense, who could blame them? They were in constant bondage and continuously being whipped for not working hard enough. However, in the midst of all these burdened down slaves, there was one slave who had his head up and his chest out. He walked with pride as he worked. The slave trader told the slave master, ” I want that slave!” The slave master said, “Oh no! He’s not for sale!” The trader then asked, well is he an overseer of the other slaves? The master said no, he is just a slave. Well, is he fed better than all the other slaves? No, he eats with all the other slaves. Then why is he so much more different than all the other slaves? The master then said, I always wondered the same thing until I found out. His father is the king of the tribe in his home country and because he is the son of a king, he acts like a son of a king even in this trial of a life. If, that man in the bondage of being another man’s slave can walk like that over his father being a king of a tribe in his country, ” How much more should be walk with pride in this world when our father is the King of Glory?” There are certain things in this life that we cannot change. Yet there is something this world cannot change about us this world. I will always be a Child of the King! I have 3 boys. I love them all with all my heart. In their flesh, they look like me and you can tell they are my sons. There will be times in this life when they will disappoint me. They will do something I didn’t  think they would ever do, but do you know we can never disappoint God. He knows every mistake we will ever make and has already made provisions to get us back on track. Even though my boys may disappoint me, they will still be my sons. God spoke to Satan one time, and asked, Have your tried my servant Job? Satan said I would, but you have a hedge about him. Satan realized that he can’t do anything unless God allows is. Pilate told Jesus, Don’t you realize I have the power to crucify you or release you? Jesus said, you have no power, except it were given from above. God is in Control! That means we can stop stressing over the cares of this life and take pride in the fact that God not only cares about our life, but is in control of our life. There is one thing we must do to take control of our life. We must surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to be the lord of our life. If we will confess our             sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. It will be Him cleansing us. However He is a gentleman. He will not force Himself upon us. We must welcome him.

Brother Daniel Black 

ABOUT:  Brother Daniel Black is a minister of the gospel and is a happily married man with 4 wonderful children.  He enjoy’s expressing life to others and encouraging others to live a fruitful life.  You can visit him at

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