A date with Daddy


Tuesday night was date night with Gracie.  I came home from work and Gracie was excited and ready to go.  She had her princess dress and tiara on.  Gracie was doing her best to act grown up.  Crista said she had been talking about the evening with Daddy all day.  We left Crista and the boys home to have their own party.  We arrived at chick-fil-a.  She got a huge ice cream cone and I got a brownie.  While sitting down, Gracie accidentally knocked over her ice cream cone.  If momma had been there she might have declared the ice cream over.  It met the five second rule, so I deemed it good to eat!  Her elbow hit my brownie and it fell into the chair.  Luckily, it was still in the container.  Gracie said, “Daddy, this is just not going good.”  Trying to comfort her, I said, “Gracie, it’s no big deal.”  Even at five years old, she wanted her night out with Daddy to be perfect.  To me, it was a perfect evening and I let her know that.  It was not the ice cream, nor the shopping that made it perfect, but it was spending time with my little girl.  Relationships are alot like a flower seed.  There is potential for it to grow into a beautiful flower but it must be watered, fed, nurtured and placed in the right atmosphere.  As a father of a little girl, I am trying to do my part to water, feed, and nurture Gracie; praying that one day she will blossom into a beautiful Christ-like lady.

I just love little children. I got two little girls at home. One of them is Rebekah and the other one is Sarah. Here sometime ago, I was away. They’re both daddy’s little girls, you know, and I love them. And as soon as they get in I got to give them a piggy-back, only Becky’s getting too big for it; she’s big as I am. She’d break my back now; but she’s still daddy’s little girl.          Bro. Branham – 60-0402  BELIEVEST.THOU.THIS

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