Ghana Trip – His strength in my weakness

In March and April of this year I took my first missionary trip to Africa. I don’t think of it as missionary though, it was really an evangelistic trip. I didn’t build schools or hospitals or try to convert anyone, I went to preach the gospel in established churches to strengthen and encourage them.

I wrote about my experiences on my blog, it was really a nice way for me to capture my thoughts and memories. I was pretty honest about the experience with my thoughts and feelings from my point of view.  A lot of that involved just sharing how tired I was. I didn’t put a noble veneer on it, I was very open. Today I want to share a one of those stories of His strength in my weakness in Africa.

I’m so tired, hot and my stomach is off, can I just sit down?

It’s Monday morning. I’ve been in Africa for 5 or 6 days now. The Easter convention we just finished was wonderful. I feel I preached the sermon of my life to date on Sunday morning, what a wonderful experience. 

Then we ate lunch. I tried the banku with my ocra stew.  Banku is very heavy and my stomach wasn’t happy with me later. I preached again on divine healing, even though I myself felt terrible. Even when we don’t “feel it” the Word of God is still truth!

After service, I decided to take one of the antibiotics the doctor gave me for stomach issues. Around 3AM as I try to understand how I can be sooo tired from days of travelling and preaching but yet not sleeping at all.

oh yeah, Cipro gives me insomnia

So here I am, travelling again, today we are headed to Burkina Faso, the country just North of Ghana. I’m really tired, my stomach still is a little queasy, and it’s really hot here. Sitting in the car with air conditioning is nice, but as we get to the border we have to get out of the car and stand in line.

Lord, I’m so hot, I’m so tired, I feel like dirt…I don’t want to stand in this line

Yep. Even missionary/evangelists have pity parties.

So here I am having a pity party in the immigration office as I wait in line to have my passport stamped. The guardsman in the room strikes up a conversation with our group. He asks us why we’re in the area and we tell him for a church convention. He brightens up and begins to ask what denomination, if we prayed for Ghana, and other things like that. He seems very pleased to be in the company of Christians.

My host is conversing with him on these things until the customs agent is ready for him. I pull a tract out of my wallet to give to the guardsman.

“Here is a tract you can have, it has a website on the back you can visit and see more about what we believe.”

“Oh, thank you” He says. He begins to read the tract right then and there. The tract is asking the question “What is the name” to be baptized in? As he seemed so open, we began to talk about baptism, if he had been baptized, and how he was baptized. He was baptized as a young man in the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  I ask him if any of those are names.

He turns the tract open and goes to the website. He is reading the scriptures and begins to understand.

“Oh, because He is one, He has one name!”

“Yes,” I said “What name is that?”

“His name is Jesus!  Please, I want this to become part of me. How can I have this website send me something everyday”

Oh Lord, just a few moments ago, I was having a pity party. Here is a precious soul that needs you, and you have put me in the right place at the right time. Forgive me for complaining, I’m so happy to be where you want me to be.”

I tell “Ben from Ghana” that we believe we should be baptized only in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because we are taking identification with His NAME. I ask him if we can take a picture, and Bro Jeffrey my host is now finished with his immigration process. We go outside to snap a photo.  Bro Jeffrey gets his contact information. Bro Jeffrey is so missionary minded about winning souls, I’m sure this isn’t the last time he will hear of the end time message.

Keep Ben from Ghana in your prayers.

If you’re interested in reading more about my trip, feel free to check out

Trevor_and_AnnaMayTrevor and his wife AnnaMay, along with their three children (Zion, Azariah, and Glorianna) live in Sellersburg, IN and attend the Branham Tabernacle. Trevor evangelizes wherever the Lord leads as best he can. The family enjoys travelling, snow skiing, reading, and apple fritters from Jeff's bakery.

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  1. August 9, 2016 @ 3:03 pm Bro. Jack Duff

    Thank you for sharing. I was blessed.


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