Two Special Ladies

In December, my grandma, who all of us grandchildren referred to as, Nanny, passed away.  She was a godly lady, who left an impact upon my life.  As a young boy, I recall sitting around the kitchen table, where family would gather to talk and laugh.  Often, Nanny would be at the sink washing dishes, but she would pause to come over to the table and laugh.  She loved to laugh. On many visits to Nanny and Pa’s house, they would take me to the local grocery store to buy a pack of M&Ms and we would go back home to make a homemade “blizzard.” She showed each of us grandchildren love in very subtle ways.


Last summer, Crista’s grandmother, Shirley, passed away.   She also was a godly lady, who left an impact upon her family. I always loved to be around her as she told us stories of her childhood.  She also loved to laugh.   Several times, Crista and I went to yard sales with her and we would kind of laugh because she would look through every box, even the small ones.  Her motto was “you never know what you may find in one of those boxes.”  She used the same approach to connect with each family member and make each one feel special.


blogmeandcristaWhen we reflect back upon the time that we had with a loved one that has passed on, it is the times that seemed so normal that we cherish dearly. Our walk with the Lord, is much like that.  It can seem very normal and it is only when we look back, that we cherish how God has been faithful.  

God is faithful… I Corinthians 1:9

Michael Tidwell

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