Discerning the Music

Announcing the release of a quote book on music.  The book is about 130 pages of quotes from Brother Branham on Music and Atmosphere, with a short forward written by the compiler, Brother Matt Leitner.   Music can be a very controversial subject, and has even caused individuals to leave churches, as well as churches to split!  The intent of this book is to present a study of what the prophet to this age said on the subject of music.  The Message was sent to straighten out differences, and give an authoritative "say so" on modern day events.  One such modern development is Rock and Roll and other related music styles.  This has more recently turned into so called "Christian Rock" which comes in many forms and styles.  Brother Branham, and the Bible do not name every group or music style; however, they do give us principles to discern today's music and the spirits behind them.  

For copies of the book for you, or your church library, write or call:

Matt Leitner

The cost of the book is $5 plus shipping, free shipping is available on orders of 10 or more books, using Media Mail.

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