What are the “Priorities” at your house?

What priorities will be established in our children when the following things happen?
1. We are early for the game but late to the worship.

2. We see to it that our children do their homework but never check to seek if Bible lessons are completed.
3. They are not allowed to stay up late on school nights lest it infringe upon their school work but are allowed to stay up and watch the "LATE SHOW" on Saturday night, though they will be attending Bible Class the next morning.
4. We will not let them miss school even though they do not want to attend, but we cater to their whims and let them miss Bible Class.
5. We know the names of their school teachers, but cannot call the names of the Bible Class teachers at church.
6. We will serve as room mother or president of the PTA at school, but what about helping with a function in the Bible Class.
7. We will attend their school open house but not their open house on the last day of V.B.S.
8. We will not schedule vacations so as to make them miss school, but what about V.B.S. and Gospel Meetings.
9. They see us go to work even though we do not feel well but stay at home from church under the same circumstances.
10. They see us look at and study their school work but never pay any attention at all to their handwork brought home from Bible Class.


wendellwinklerCharles Wendell Winkler was born January 10, 1931. He was the second son born to Merlin Paul and Lucille Ruby Fultz Winkler. He and his older brother, Paul, Jr. were raised in the home of a gospel preacher. Wendell was baptized by his father, and grew up with a passion for preaching. He preached his first sermon at thirteen years of age.

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