Will America Collapse?

In his book, When Nations Die, Jim Nelson Black identifies ten factors that have caused the downfall of great civilizations. He observes that in some cultures as few as three or four of these symptoms of social, cultural, and moral decline were enough to bring society to the point of collapse:

1. Increase in lawlessness
2. Loss of economic discipline
3. Rising bureaucracy
4. Decline in education
5. Weakening of cultural foundations
6. Loss of respect for traditions
7. Increase in materialism
8. Rise in immorality
9. Decay of religious belief
10.Devaluing of human life

I stood not long ago in Rome, where once ruled the world. And there, that great city has now become nothing, but you'd have to dig thirty feet under the earth to find the ruins of it, now one of the weakest, degraded nations in the world. They're not even self supporting. I stood in Athens, Greece, where another great empire once stood, and there's not even hardly a symbol of that empire left. And I stood in Cairo, Egypt, where Egypt once knowed and ruled the world and chair of the Pharaohs, and there's nothing left but the Sphinx, and a few of the pyramids is standing as relics of a once great worldwide empire. Brother and sister, our great America and our great economy that we have is rottening under the foundations, and someday, I see it in the making right now, she'll lay in the ruins. And you young men today, you young women, with the beauty of youth, the blush of the young cheek, the folly of the young heart, but one day will mold yonder in a graveyard somewhere. Why? Because all mortal has to give a way to immortality. Every nation has to fall, because there's coming a nation that'll not be ruled by men, but by Christ. These things fall.  – Reverand William Branham


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