In the News: The White house In Prophecy

By Frank Prater

February 2014 


Is American politics a newsworthy story? 

   As compared to other democratically elected governments, one may be prompted to say no not really.  In fact, and in comparison to other political environments,   American politics may be considered a little  bland, if not altogether absurd.  But then, not all nations can say their political systems have been specifically  mentioned in Christian, or Biblical  prophecies. Therefore, this in itself may tend to make the political process in America worth noting.   Of course there may be some who would say many Americans are simply egotistical, and want to fill they are mentioned  in the Bible, or in prophecy, when in actuality, they say,  it is not so .  Believing whether or not America is in the Bible may simply rest on one’s personal view of the scriptures, as well as the authenticity given to individuals whom are prophesying.  

   If we consider typology as being a valid means  of the interpretation of scriptures, we may be able to more accurately identify why some may believe certain prophecies speak of America, without naming the country specifically.  

   Another way to understand how some come to the conclusion that revelations of America  being in the Bible are based on how prophecies come to be fulfilled. In other words, we consider prophetical statements, and then we watch and see if God fulfills those prophecies by bringing them to pass. Since the Word of God is of no private interpretation, we wait and see if prophecies come to pass , and then we know if it was what God intended to say. 

   On March 21, 1964 Rev. William Branham gave a sermon entitled The Voice Of The Sign. In  the printed copy of this  sermon beginning at about paragraph 113 he gives an account of  seven visions which are of a prophetic nature. During the time of his ministry, Rev. Branham often said five of the seven prophecies had already been fulfilled.  As we look at those prophecies, we can see clearly that indeed they had been.  What were the two remaining visions yet to be fulfilled? 

   The last of the seven was concerning the total destruction of America, as if by some sort of explosions. 

Of course, naturally we look around us and say this one has not been fulfilled. There are governments who have threatened to do so, and perhaps others who wish that it was so. Will it happen? 

   The sixth of those seven vision involved a woman of a wicked nature being  in the White House.  Was she to placed there as president through the vote of the people, or could the prophecy be of something else. Repeatedly, Rev. Branham mentioned this woman as being one of a wicked nature. 

   Therefore, many watch every fourth year to see who will run in the political arena to be elected as president. As another American  presidential election begins to unfold, and unravel, we begin to hear about who the candidates for each political party will be.  Once again it appears that Ms. Hillary Clinton will be tossing her hat into the ring to be considered as the presidential candidate for the presidency in 2016.   Will she?  If she does, can she, or will she win the office?  Remember she came very close to running for the candidate on the Democratic ticket in the election cycle in 2008.  And now, once again it appears as if this may be her aspirations. 

   As the American presidential election cycle begins to gear up, we begin to see the name calling, or what Americans call mud slinging. This is the process by which the candidates seek to discredit the qualifications of all other candidates to the point of having them eliminated from the process. We are already reading news articles which attack the nature of Ms. Clinton as that of being a very vindictive and undermining person, who is interested in nothing more than her own political legacy.  It appears to me that the attacks are earlier, and of a harsher nature this cycle, than they were at the beginning, and even during the process in 2008. 

   It may be very soon that we will hear those in religious circles begin to talk about the prophecy given so many years ago by Rev. William Branham about a women being in the White House. Certainly, the character which is being pinned of Ms. Clinton would match the description of the woman whom he said would be there. 

   This thought brings something to my mind. As the readers of this article knows we often  talk about how close we are to the second coming of the Lord, and all the end-time  prophecies being fulfilled, or about to be fulfilled. if this prophecy of the woman in the White House is  in fact a literal woman there,  then the end cannot come until this woman is seated in the White House. 

   If we believe by modern events, that we are near the Rapture, perhaps we should cautiously examine the prophecy as it was often mentioned by Bro. Branham.  By this, I mean to say, look more closely at the prophecy in the light of expectation of the Rapture happening at any time.  There were times that he indicated the woman  in the White House could be the Catholic Church. The following is only one of his statements on the subject: “61-0806  THE.SEVENTIETH.WEEK.OF.DANIEL_  206   Now, that brings us then to the election of President Kennedy, and this car coming on the–on the scene, bringing five things out of the seven that has happened exactly. Now, I predicted and said, "I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple, and I got little parenthesis down here, "She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church." A woman, some woman… I don't know her to be the Catholic church. I don't know. I can't say. Only thing I seen, I seen the woman; that was all.”

   In this, we are not making a declaration that we know, or believe this prophecy to be of a certain nature. Certainly, we can tell that it is entirely possible for a woman to win the presidency of the United States of America. 

   Please understand, we are not saying  Ms. Clinton is, or is not  the woman in the vision given us by  Rev. Branham.  Not knowing her personally, we would not indicate she is an evil hearted woman. That would be passing judgment on another human, and we do not fill we are qualified to do so.

    Neither do we intend to say the woman in the White House will be the Catholic Church, instead of a literal woman. We do not know. We do know this, that at the time Rev. Branham made his last comments in person on the subject, no Roman Catholic Pope had ever visited the White House. However during the administration of President Jimmy Carter, October 6, 1979, Pope John Paul, President Carter, and his wife Rosalynn has a private meeting in the White House.  

   We can say this, it is possible now, either way for the vision to now be fulfilled.  This vision, and prophecy is another indication that the coming of the Lord may be nearer than when we first believed. 

The question should not so much be concerning who the woman of this subject is, but rather are we prepared for what is next, or last in the series of visions.


evfrankpraterBrother Frank Prater resides in Arkansas  with his  wife Sister Pam.  He is the pastor of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle in Fort Smith, Arkansas.    He also writes a column called Concerning Prophecy for  the Eagle’s View newsletter.


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