safe in Visakhapatnam

By Noel & Shirley Johnson 

Just a note to let you know that we are doing well. We have traveled from Hyderabad to Narasapur on Sunday PM (overnight train) and had some good meetings in that area. We have been working with the brother in Narasapur for the last few years and it has been good to see the work there progressing. Two new churches have been established in the area. One of the churches that I was taken to (that was getting started) had only Hindu people come to the meeting. I asked the Lord to give me something to say and He came and it was a good meeting.  We left Narasapur and traveled to meet with a minister in Kakinada and managed to have two services with him. There has been trouble in his area and we had told him to cancel the meetings but upon arrival I felt that we should go ahead with the meetings and he informed his people and we gathered in the apartment below him instead of going to his church. The meetings were good and there was no interference from the Hindu elements in the city. (An Assembly of God minister tried to have a meeting and he had to call the police to come and arrest 300 Hindus that were making threats). I was thankful that we were able to hold the meetings. He has about 150 members in his congregation and the we enjoyed the fellowship. 


We took a bus from his area to Visakhapatnam (only means of travel) and arrived safely here yesterday around 10 AM. Laid down and got some rest before the service last night.We talked at length about translation work and printing with Jeevaratnam and feel that we will get some help in the translation work. Brother Isaac in Chenni is doing printing and we are encouraging them to all work together. Brother Isaac has come brothers that are helping in the translation work into Telugu and we are sending what we are doing to him so it can be checked with others before putting it on the HUB. The more they work together the better the translation will be.


Preached at a street meeting that the local pastor had organized and preached on salvation and had 40 or 50 people come forward (some for prayer for healing and some for salvation). It was a good meeting. We are staying at the pastors home here in Visakhapatnam and it is comfortable and we are able to get rest. We will be here until Tuesday when we will fly back to Hyderabad. All is well. Please keep us in your prayers.


noelshirleyjohnsonEvangelist Noel and Sister Shirley spend time in India each year.   They reside in North Carolina and attend Bible Tabernacle Church. They have a strong passion of sharing the love of God with others.    To receive their newsletter please contact

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  1. March 26, 2014 @ 12:42 am Pastor Moses Goddeti

    Dear Bro. Noel,

    Greetings in Jesus name!

    This is an request from us, when you come next time to India, please let us know.

    We would be honored and privelled to have you minister the Word of God in our Church.


    Pastor Moses Goddeti


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