Grandpa’s Song

Yesterday, friends and family gathered to celebrate the life of my grandpa, Dorris Alvin Tidwell.  He truly loved the Lord and loved to worship Him through singing.  


Most of the churches that grandpa helped pioneer were small works.  He was known to travel hundreds of miles to sing to small groups.  I remember as a little boy, when he would return from a revival, he always told how God moved in such a mighty way.  For those that knew him, he did not believe in speaking negative.  As one minister shared with me, my grandpa once told him that you should give your best even if two is sitting there because Jesus is there and that is the one that we are to please.  


In an age, when ministry is so often gauged by numbers and material prosperity, men such as my grandpa are not considered successful.   But that is okay, because there is something that is  much greater than being a success and that is being a servant of Christ, and that he was.  He touched many lives and I am proud to be called his grandson. 


Grandpa's Song


Many miles he spent on the road with a desire to bless God’s children,

He sung and preached in tents, homes, churches and store front buildings.

He seemed the most content strumming his guitar and singing The Token or Hallelujah Square,

He sung from a heart filled with joy, it did not matter to him who or how many was there.

He would smile and get happy as he would sing the lyrics, I get a little glimpse of Heaven, while at His feet I humbly bow,

then I hear Him whisper fear not, the Lord will make a way somehow.

These were not merely empty words that he sung  but it was the theme of Grandpa’s life,

To not fret, nor worry but trust the Lord and all will turn out right.

He sung about the land beyond the river and by God’s grace he is now there.

Where he is singing with his friends and his family in Hallelujah Square.


Michael Tidwell








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