In the News: Another Carrington Event

By Frank Prater

November 2013


     Since my childhood days in elementary school I have heard talk of “the bomb.” Of course today this phrase would mean the nuclear bomb.  It seems the bomb has been a source of movie material, prophecy seminars, or a constant topic of conversation.  One may wonder if there will ever be another bomb used with the destructive force of the atom bombs used in Japan to bring a close to World War 2.  Does Biblical prophecy indicate that a nuclear World War will be the end of the world as we know it? To the many who study end time events, the answer may be a resounding yes, of course it does. 

    Although prophecy material is being discussed in this article, our intent is not a discussion on prophecy. Therefore, let us divert our thoughts in another direction as look at other areas of news information which still may seem like prophecy. There is a question I would like to ask concerning the use of nuclear weapons: If an enemy wished to invade, and defeat a country in order to get control of it’s natural resources, or to enslave it’s population, why would they use nuclear weapons? It is to my understanding that modern nuclear weapons render the area where they are exploded as useless for quite some time. Therefore, I am concerned as to the reason nations want to own nuclear weapons.  But then as we have indicated, isn’t there Biblical scriptures which say that nuclear weapons will be used in the final days of man’s government over planet earth?

    Beyond the threat of the use of nuclear weapons by rogue nations, there is also the threat of these nations exploding atmospheric devices which are called “electromagnetic pulse bombs,” (E M P’s ).  A simple way to describe the use of such a device is that a bomb is exploded in the atmosphere over a country which will then destroy the electric grid, and electronic equipment of the invaded nation. This gives rise to another question: Wouldn’t an invading nation also have limited access to electricity, and electronics? Wouldn’t their weapon systems and equipment also be rendered as useless?  Why then would one nation use this method of warfare on another nation?

     Imagine a world without electricity, or electronics, no computers, no cell or land line phones, no food production, no medical services, no utilities, etc. In other words, modern life, and it’s luxuries comes abruptly to an end. Within only a few hours, and days millions, upon millions will  die due to a various number of reasons.  It is clear that nations  continue to  develop  such weapons as we are describing, and it is a fact that ancient prophecies indicate these conditions at the end time. Why then are there questions concerning whether or not these weapons will be used? 

       Actually EMP is a fact of everyday life which is caused by solar flares from the Sun. In an article of this length it is difficult to assimilate all the information available to study this subject. However, there are numerous articles available for study, and past events can give us an understanding of how electromagnetic pulse would interfere with modern society, and thus fulfill Biblical prophecies.  Recent history includes a date when a solar magnetism event happened on earth. However, it was not so recent as to have interfered with modern life styles. 

       Just such an event was recorded in 1859 and is called The Carrington Event. At that time technology consisted basically of primitive electrical, and  telegraph systems. These were so affected that all over earth the systems went haywire, as telegraph operators experienced electrical shocks, and nearby paper began to burn.  Imagine how devastating such a powerful solar flare would be to modern economies with dependence on electronics, and electricity.  Scientist are predicting that in the cycle of such events, earth is now due another solar storm. In fact, it is expected that at anytime an event could happen. 

        Will the population and infrastructure of planet earth be destroyed by manmade war’s, or by natural causes such as solar flares?  Should not we as individuals begin to look for an alternative to these coming storms? The only resource I can have hope in is the soon return of Jesus Christ to Rapture His people out of the coming storms.


evfrankpraterBrother Frank Prater resides in Arkansas  with his  wife Sister Pam.  He is the pastor of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle in Fort Smith, Arkansas.    He also writes a column called Concerning Prophecy for  the Eagle’s View newsletter.

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