In the News: A nation of childish and weak politicians

By Frank Prater

October 2013


Realizing all who read this article may not have a political agenda, and regardless of what side of a political spectrum one may be on, politics is a ready source for news. 


On the day I am writing this article, America is in the third day of a “government shutdown.” Actually, this is a misleading statement. Not all of the U.S. government shuts down during these times of intense political debates. There are some public facilities which do not operate as they normally would, but as a whole, the government continues to operate. This is the eighteenth time we have experienced this phenomenon.  Each political party seems to use these events to sway the uninformed public into believing the other political party is at fault.  Actually, the cause of the so called shutdowns is the refusal of political parties to negotiate with one another.  


As I watched this shutdown loom over the American political scene, I was reminded of a thought Jesus Christ used in His ministry to describe the religious/political environment of His day…   But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows, 17And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.  MATTHEW 11:16, 17  Do you remember your childhood as being something like this passage of scripture? Perhaps, you may remember how you fought  over a simple issue. Not long after the altercation you were friends again.  However, at the time of the disagreement, another whom was an enemy, made friends easily with one of the disputing parties. The original disagreements were dropped for a short time, as the two enemies became friends.  During these brief times of disputing between friends, secrets may have been shared with the one who had been an enemy, and would become an enemy again.  Without realizing that a friend was being betrayed, we shared intimate secrets about our past friend.  This is the way of children, and Jesus Christ is addressing adults and accusing them as acting like children in public places. 


As the American government shutdown became a reality our president began reaching out to   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. A sworn enemy to America.  Apparently, the telephone encounter between the two, was to strengthen a resolved concerning  the Iranian research for nuclear weapons.  It appears Mr. Obama may have been using international political environment to turn the general public’s eye away from the weakness of  his failing presidency.  The Bible in 2 Kings chapter 20 records an event in the affairs of King Hezekiah when he allowed envoys from Babylon to know the secrets of his wealth, and the power of his military. With an alarming rebuke, the prophet Isaiah told his king of the disastrous end to his kingdom, and his family, due to this one act of weakness.  History records that Hezekiah was a good king. However, him being a good king did not alleviate the fact that he made an unwise decision in fraternizing with a sworn enemy. Let us be reminded that in each case of the political environments described in the Bible, and used in this article, the politicians caused the populations to suffer greatly at the hands of an enemy.  


It appears American politicians are  more, and more displaying the  childish actions of the leaders Jesus Christ described, and our president’s (plural)  seemingly are  bringing  the enemies of our freedoms closer and closer to a knowledge of our weaknesses, as Hezekiah did. Why? Is this God’s way of telling us that as a nation, America too will soon follow the pattern of failure as described in the Bible?  Will the news headline some day read that an American city has been destroyed by a nuclear bomb? Will Americans some day see ungodly communistic soldiers patrolling the streets of our nation? Israel never thought they would be carried as slaves in to Babylon, and Israel never imagined when they rejected Jesus Christ, that an invading army would soon cause them to be dispersed into the uttermost part of the World.  In both circumstance because of their leaders they became slaves, and lost their beloved country. There is a comforting thought to the later end of Jerusalem. History proclaims that when the city was compassed, besieged, and eventually  burnt by  Titus the  Roman general in 70 A D., not one Christian believer was found inside the city.  


Even though the political environment in America is weak, and childish, perhaps, the Bible, and history is telling us, there is a refuge in Jesus Christ. 

evfrankpraterBrother Frank Prater resides in Arkansas  with his  wife Sister Pam.  He is the pastor of Eagle Lighthouse Tabernacle in Fort Smith, Arkansas.    He also writes a column called Concerning Prophecy for  the Eagle’s View newsletter.

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