Three New Contributors

We would like to introduce to you three new monthly columns that will be featured on starting this month.


evadambrister5The Great Outdoors:   Brother Adam Brister, an avid outdoorsman from Georgia, will be sharing with our readers his love for the outdoors.  Hopefully, you will be encouraged to spend a little time away from the cars, phones and computers and get outdoors,  so that you may see a side of God you might have not seen before or have forgotten.  The Great Outdoors will be featured the first Thursday of each month. 




evfrankpraterIn The News:  Brother Frank Prater, pastor of Eagle's Lighthouse, in Fort Smith,  Arkansas,  who to our readers is no stranger, will be highlighting current events and how they relate to scripture.  You will be encouraged to read how in the midst of the chaotic events that are taking place, God is in control.  In The News will be featured the second Thursday of each month.





Mevcrista2oments:    Sister Crista Tidwell, proud mother of three children, will be sharing her experiences as a mom and why she believes it is the most important calling upon her life.   If you are a mom, you will be able to relate to the joys and struggles of motherhood.   Moments will be featured the third Thursday of each month.






We appreciate each writing contributor taking time out of their busy schedule to write for


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