Meetings: August 2013


BIBLE TABERNACLE CHURCH in Ruth, North Carolina invites you to their 40th annual Missionary Campmeeting.
Pastor: Joseph Greene
Dates:  August 6 – 9
Guest Ministers:  Brother Donny Reagan, Brother Ron Spencer
Contact: (828)286-9639 / /

FULL GOSPEL LIGHTHOUSE TABERNACLE in Elkton, Virginia invites you to revival services.
Pastor:  Ron Spencer
Dates: August 29 – September 1
Guest Ministers: Brother Ed Byskal & Brother Tim Pruitt
Contact: (540)421-1536 /

EVENING LIGHT TABERNACLE in Elkton, Kentucky  will be hosting their annual youth banquet.
Pastor: Tom Byler
Dates:  August 30 – September 1
Guest Ministers:  Bro. Kenny Capps, Bro. Andrew Glover, Bro. Jewel Forney, Bro. Daniel Gissendaner
To Register:  Bro. John Laster (270)265-7477 or (270)604-0168

AMAZING GRACE FELLOWSHIP in Yalesville, Connecticut will be having  Labor day meetings.
Pastor: Elijah Gibbs
Dates: August 31- September 2
Guest Ministers:   Brother Jason Watkins
Contact:  (860)985-2498  /

BELIEVERS SPOKEN WORD TABERNACLE  in Sheffield, Ohio will be having Labor day services.
Pastor: Samuel Browning
Dates:  Auguest 31 – September 1
Contact: (440)949-5522 /


LITERAL LIFE CHURCH in Ottawa Lake, Michigan  invites you to join them in dedicating their new building.
Pastor: Paul LaFontaine
Dates:  September 20-22
Guest Ministers:  Brother Donny Reagan, Brother Barry Coffey
Contact: (419)517-3757 or visit Literal Life Church facebook


MEN'S MEETING will be hosted in Newport, Tennessee
Hosted by:  Brother Barry Coffey and Hickory Bible Tabernacle
Dates:  October 11 – 13
Guest Ministers: Bro. Donny Reagan, Bro. Paul Lafontaine, Bro. Jason Watkins,  Bro. Matt Watkins, Bro. Barry Coffey
To Register:

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  1. August 6, 2013 @ 12:03 am Roshan Masih

    We praise God for all the labours and efforts that Brothers and Sisters are doing around the world. We will be praying for these meetings that Lord bless the meetings and His divine purpose be accomplish in the lives of His people and in these meetings.

    May God bless us all

    Bro. Roshan Masih



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