F.F. Bosworth’s letter to his mother

Men such as F.F. Bosworth was willing to sacrifice their life  to preach the gospel.  The letter below illustrates the price that he paid  for preaching to  a black assembly.    What price are you willing to pay?

Dallas, Texas., Aug. 21, 1911

Dear Mother and All:
We were so glad to get yours, Bert’s and Bertha’s letters this morning and will answer at once to save you the unnecessary worry about me. When I wrote you from Calvert on my way home from Hearne, Tex., I started a letter telling you all about the mobbing and then thinking how it, might worry you, I tore up the first, letter and wrote you the other one, not, mentioning the pounding I got. I did this only to save you from worrying. I have never seen any paper with the account, of this mobbing so I don’t know what the paper said, wish you would send me the paper. I heard day before yesterday it, was in one of the papers here and went and looked over the files but failed to find it. At the annual State Encampment (Pentecostal) of the Col. people at Hearne, the Col. people built a brush arbor, (continuing from the end of their tent) to accommodate the white people of Hearne who wanted to attend the camp meeting. This full gospel had never been preached to the white people at Hearne and besides filling this brush arbor, automobiles and carriages and many white people standing surrounded the tent to listen to the preaching and testimonies of the Col. people. Many of the white citizens became deeply interested in the teaching and not wanting to seek the Baptism at a colored altar. The white people urged the Col. leaders to send for some white Pentecostal teacher to come and help them into the Baptism. And so to accommodate these white citizens, I was sent for and of course went, to the campground and on Saturday night preached to two large audiences, one white and one black. God gave me unusual liberty and blessing in teaching and explaining the truths for which this movement stands, both audiences receiving the truth with great enthusiasm. I was tired and thought I wouldn’t preach that night but the people wanted me to and then God anointed me for it. As I was on my way to spend the night with another white preacher who had also come that day, we were attacked by several roughs, one of whom had a revolver with which (as he and the others cursed us for coming there as they said to put them on a level with the d- n###) they seemed determined to shoot us both down at once. God was wonderfully with me and with perfect coolness, I told them that, I was doing God’s will the very best I knew how, was ready to die and would offer no resistance to anything God permitted them to do, (these are not, the exact, words), but if they had no objections I would like to speak a few words of explanation before they shot us. At first they refused me this privilege, but finally said I could say what I wanted to. I then told them that I came with no thought or desire of pushing them on a level with anyone but, that it, was the white people who wanted me to come to help them, that I had done the very best, I knew and was willing to take anything God permitted. With this explanation, they decided not to kill, but insisted that we should take the next train, and so we went to the depot and I bought my ticket to Dallas and the other Bro. went to his room for his suitcase; and while he was gone and I was waiting for my train, a larger mob of about 25 took me horn the depot and knocked me down and pounded me with heavy hardwood clubs with all their power, cursing and declaring that I would never preach again when they were through with me. As they pounded me with these heavy clubs (made from the oar of a boat), I offered no resistance, but committed myself to God and asked him not to let the blows break my spine. God stood wonderfully by me and no bones were broken except a slight fracture in my left wrist. When they left off pounding me with the clubs as I got up others of the mob who had no clubs knocked me down hitting me in the head with their fists. I was knocked down several times but was not for a moment unconscious, which was a miracle of God’s care. I was then not allowed to take my train but had to walk 9 miles to Calvert where I got a train Sunday at 2 p.m. for home.The suffering during this pounding was terrible but as soon as it was over I looked away from wounds and bruises to God and he took away all suffering and put his power and strength upon me so that I carried a heavy suitcase with my right arm over 9 miles. I neverhad the slightest anger or ill feeling towards those men who beat me so cruel~, and the walk to Calvert in the dark with moon-light was the most heavenly experience of my life and the Lord gave me wonderful intercession for those men that He should forgive them and prepare them for his coming. My flesh was mashed to the bone on my back down nearly to my knees, but since the beating I have been free from all suffering. Others been made nervous and have broken down and wept as they were shown the wounds on my bow, but I have been absolutely free from nervousness, no fear and not even tired. He has been so precious to me since that I have thanked him many times for being privileged to know something of the “fellowship of his sufferings”. If this mobbing was the result of some unwise thing I had done or for speaking anything but His own sweet message, I would be very sorry but since it came for plain obedience in preaching His gospel to every creature, it has given me great joy to experience this which was so common among the early Christians in the first centuries of the church. I feel like I am several notches higher in the Christian life. Already this experience God has used and made it a blessing to others and I have read some of the sweetest letters from God’s people. You need not worry one bit for we are not now preaching to Col. People and will not unless God clearly leads as he did when he led us to Queen City and other parts of Dallas. He put his seal upon this by saving many, healing many and baptizing over 225 with the Holy Ghost. The deepest and quickest work I have known of. We do not lay our own plans but wait for him. We have just moved our tent from the corner of Weaskell and State Sts. to the corner of East Side and Washington Ave., and last night which was our first night in the new location, the tent was nearly full and the attention was fine. Pray that God will give us a great meeting there. We may move into some house near the tent in a few days. Vivian is well and so sweet. God gives her at times the real burden for souls at which times the Spirit makes intercession through her in tongues. Bro. Graves (Fred A. Graves) is with us. he paper just came from Z.C. (Zion City, Illinois) telling about my beating. Not much like the facts. My face was not scratched but my head was bruised in several places, No marks left on my face. Would love to see you all at home. We are all happy in the will of God. I would much prefer to be faithful and have some little tribulation now than to fail to overcome and have to pass through the great tribulation soon to come. Praise God I am determined to have God’s plan for my life carried out.

With much love to you all, I am Your Devoted Son. 


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