Prayer for Persecutors

In 1911, FF Bosworth was brutally beaten and almost killed for preaching to black people in Texas.  The poem below was written shortly after this event.

I saw an earnest christian
who started for a train
Within his heart a message
Of great eternal gain
He left his home in Dallas
With much that he held dear
To tell the Gospel Story
The love that casts out fear

He reached his destination
an eager crowd was there
To hear the blessed message
That God helped him declare
The enemy was watching
and angry every hour
To hear that message given
In spirit and with power

Then with his eyes upon him
He followed up the road
Determined there to kill him
Ere he reached his abode
Some wicked men now stopped him
They did not love his Lord
Nor did they love the message
From God's own Holy Word

They threatened there to shoot him
and take his life away
But God did not permit them
To do that deed that day
Then told to leave the city
He went to take the train
But O he had to suffer
at last such awful pain

A second mob now took him
and threw him to the ground
They kicked, abused & struck him
He uttered not a sound
But like his blessed Master
He would not them revile
Bul like a sheep at shearing
was silent all the while

At last they did release him
and rising in his pain
He started back to Dallas
To his dear home again
He knew to follow Jesus
Meant suffering 'long the way
Those cruel, hard tormentors
For them could weep, pray

O glory be to Jesus,
He gives us such a love,
We weep for those who hat us
It's surely from above.
So on we'll go rejoicing
with faith both strong and clear
So glad He counts us worthy
To do some suffering here.

Fred A. Graves

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