Who are you building a memorial for?

D. L. Moody of Chicago, he was of Boston; he was a shoe cobbler; a little, bitty fellow, insufficient, didn't depend upon himself. Now, you take these great schools that they got, the Moody School up there, if Dwight Moody  could raise up again and see that  school, the first thing Dwight Moody would do is get rid of that school. If Martin Luther could raise up, the first thing he'd do is get rid of the Lutheran organization. John Wesley would do the same. Them men never founded those organizations; it was the men that followed them that did it.   Paul never organized no church, because he said himself, "After my departing, men of your own crowds will raise up among you, speaking perverse things." It was after Paul's death, and a hundred or two years after that, that they formed the Catholic church, the first organization. Men raised up. It was after Moody's death that they had the Moody School; after Wesley's death that they formed the Wesley church; after Luther's death that they formed the Lutheran church. God sends heroes; and they build… No wonder Jesus said, "You whited walls." He said, "You garnish the prophets tombs, and you're the one that put them in there." That's right. These great men raised up; then they'd build a memorial to them. I think, just like David, "Served God well in his own generation." So that's the way to do it. Let the organizations and things afterwards keep away from you.- Brother William Branham /  PERFECT.STRENGTH.BY.PERFECT.WEAKNESS
The Word for our day  was not sent to us, to build a memorial to a man or men. It was to sent to us, so that we might build a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.     – Michael  Tidwell

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