Where are the manly men?

By Michael Tidwell

Recently, I attended the funeral of a manly man.  The type of man who preferred blue jeans, cowboy hat and boots.  He worked long hard hours to support his family.  I began to ponder the question,  where are the manly men at today? Where are the men that might be a little rough around the edges, but when he shakes your hand, you know you have shaken a man's hand?  A few weeks ago, a mother shared with me how now she not only has to pray that her daughter will find a husband that is filled with the Holy Ghost, but in addition will also hold a job and take responsibility.   In America, we have a real issue in our homes and our churches.   It is men are succumbing to the pressure of society to be passive and feminine, which is not what God called us to be.    

Religion has painted Jesus as a lovable squeezable teddy bear.   If we read our Bible carefully, we will receive a more balanced view of who Jesus was and is.    Jesus was and is filled with Love, but He had no quorums with spoiling a party.   He called the Pharisees  a bunch of devils (John 8:44) and He went into the synagogue  with a whip to run out the money changers (John 2:15).  Wonder if next Sunday, your pastor got up and called a religious sect a bunch of devils?  Most would say the man was not showing love.   Jesus was not charismatic nor a pushover.    "You can get so humble, until the devil will make a puppet out of you." Brother William Branham. Jesus stood for what was right even when He stood alone.   He was setting an example of manhood to us men.    He became us so that we may become like Him.

Look at the sitcoms on TV.  I quote one author,  “Think about the so called sit-coms aired from 7 to 10 in the evening. Almost every one of them depicts fathers as dolts, dunderheads, blockheads, nincompoops, and clods who can’t fathom the simplest adolescent or teenage conundrum; who can’t come up with a calm rational solution if their La-Z-Boy lives depended on it” (Cooper, 2003, p. 23).  Is it an accident that TV being one of the greatest influences in society depicts dad's as underachievers? I say it is intentional.  If you destroy godly manhood in a society, church or home then you have destroyed that entity.  

Saturday, Noah asked if he could he go out in the woods with his BB gun.  For an eight year old boy, it is a big deal.   Part of me wanted to tell him he just needed to stay around the house, where it is safe.  But I realize a boy needs a little adventure in his life.    It is part of becoming a manly man.    As a father, nothing I desire more is to raise Noah and Luke  to be godly manly men filled with the Holy Ghost.  If time would stand, they will be spiritual leaders in their homes, have a backbone to stand for what is right  and be the type of man that when you shake their hand, you know you have just shaken the hand of a true blue man.

When you see a woman acting like a man, there's something wrong. You see a man acting sissy like a woman, there's something wrong. – Brother William Branham

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.  Joshua 1:9

michaeltidwellfamilyevMichael and his wife Crista, are blessed to have three beautiful children (Noah, Gracie, Luke). They live in the middle TN area and attend Eagle Christian church. He counts it a honor to be involved with Eagle’s View, BYC and serving as a evangelist. They enjoy being outdoors, traveling and above all serving the Lord.

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