“Home Sweet Home” – not always

By Michael Tidwell


Sometimes, as I park the car in the garage after a day at work,  I can hear what sounds like a war zone coming from inside the house. Luke is  crying as if he is being chased by a grizzly, while from the sound I hear of Gracie, Noah must be  chasing her with a Nerf gun.   I will admit the thought crosses my mind, should I go inside the house (war zone), or should I get back in the car, turn up some music and take a nap? I guess that would not be fair to Crista.  Like all families, we have our moments of chaos.   I thank God for sending us a prophet that was transparent about his home life. I can identify with him when he shared with us the challenges that him and Sister Meda faced when raising children.




I had my little son, Joseph, on my lap, the other day. And I said to him. He's eight years old. And some little boy had stepped on his toes, and he and the little boy had a fight. So I said, "Joseph, don't do that." He said, "But, daddy, he did such-and-such." I said, "But that doesn't matter, see, what he did. Just remember,Joseph, that. You love your father?" He said, "Yes, daddy." I said, "Then remember, that people are going to look at your life as a minister's son. And then if you do anything wrong, then they're going to say, 'Does this minister permit his child to do such?'" Now, we know they do it, anyhow. But we know that. As Christians, we know that we try to bring up our children right. But it's a good thing to keep that before them all the time, to do what's right. Don't, never take that other side.  So I said, "Because, you see, that doesn't only reflect on you, Joseph, but it reflects on your mother, reflects on your sisters. It reflects on your father and the very cause of the family, what we're standing for. And then what we stand for, it reflects on that, on Jesus Christ. You don't want to do that." I said, "Our  Lord told us  if somebody smites us on one cheek, just turn the other." And, course, that's kind of hard for a little boy with a high temper, to begin with, to think of such things. But place it before him, anyhow, see, that he should not do it.                                            – Brother William Branham



You pray and commit your children to God and hold onto God, believing that they will be saved. I've just went through the experience with my Rebekah.  Just commit it to God. When she got to be a little "teeannie," and she was going with some girl when we first went out there, going–run over to some girl's house taking music lessons. I come by one day, and here this girl was setting there at the piano playing rock-and-roll. Well, that was just enough for me. So I told her stay away from over there.  And then she said, "Well, it's the only place I got to go to take music." (You know how "teeannies" get.)  Every kid has to go through that. Practically everyone goes through that age. You did; I did. And we got to think their thoughts. So then, a few days after that her mother got after her for something, and she sassed her. Now, that's not Rebekah at all. Took off and slammed the door, almost, and knocked the things off the wall, went to school.(skipped a few lines) "Now," I said, "Mother, I know that…" She started crying, Meda. I said, "I know you done all you can do; I done all I can do. Now, if it's out of our hands, we have to take the next step." (skipped a few lines). I said, "Well look, honey, now, you've got to listen to me. It's hard for you to do this; I'm your husband. But people drive across the nations and around for just a few words of advice. I talked to her the other day, and she just walked away from me." Now, Becky never did do that to me. See? And when her mother said something about it, she slammed the door and say, "You expect me to set here and be a wallflower all my life?" And blammy, she slammed the door and went out. That was the devil. I remember, the first two years of her life she cried. We'd go into a restaurant and eat; I'd walk her on the street while Meda eat, and then she'd walk her while I eat. Just cried and cried. And one day up here in Canada, cried all night, and I couldn't rest and everything, me standing there… Now. And Something said to me, "It's the devil getting at your ministry." I said, "Hand me that baby." I said, "Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, you take your hands off of her." She stopped right then and never cried no more. She's the quietest kid I got. From that very hour it was gone. You have to get that… You have to have that in you though, before you can do it. And then when she–and then that–she started that. And I took Meda about a hour. I said, "Meda, take your hands off." "Me? That's my kid." I said, "Isn't it mine too?" All right. I said, "If she was dying this morning, you'd have to commit her to God for her eternal destination. Why can't we commit her to God now for her earthly journey?" And she said, "Well, that's my kid." I said, "It's mine too." I said, "Now, can you take your…" "Me not say nothing to her?" I said, "I never said that. We'll quit scolding her, just advise her. She needs a buddy, and you're the one to be her buddy, you and I. We're her parents." These kids today needs a buddy. If they had a mother and father would stay home and take care of them, instead of out here in a barroom running around all night and things like that, wouldn't have–wouldn't have a juvenile delinquency.  (skipped a few lines) So we there got down on our knees and committed it to God. I said, "I know she's eighteen years old, will be in a few days, and she and a girl that age will think about boyfriends, and we've kept her in." I said, "I never wanted to see her get married. I want to put her in the office here, do the work. I want to see her filled with the Spirit and live like that. " Well, we all wanted that. She said, "Well, we can't do that." Said, "She just won't listen to it." I said, "Wait a minute. We've raised her all we can, now put her in the hands of God: commit her." And I said, "Then when she does anything say, 'Becky, darling, mother don't want you to do that, but I'm your pal; I'll stick by you.'  Let her know that you love her. She's going to get somebody to love her, and it might be the wrong woman." See? I said, "You be the woman does the loving." I said, "Honey, that sounds kind of crude, but people come everywhere, and set on personal interviews, and things." I said, "I'm so common; we're common to one another, because we're husband and wife, but we never let that happen. You must remember, this is the Name of the Lord."So she said, "All right." We got down and committed it to God. Said we'd take our hands off it. That afternoon she come in; she said, "Well, I guess you're still saying I ain't going over there." Meda said, "No, I never said nothing about it." Said, "You know, mother don't want you to do that; and you know it liked to killed your daddy when he heard you up there playing that boogie woogie music, ever what it was, with that girl." Said, "Now, he didn't want you to do that, and we don't want you to do that, Becky, but we just committed it to the Lord. I want you to know we love you. Whatever you do, we still love you." She hollered, said, "I'm going anyhow." Said, "All right, dear." So went ahead. Said, "All right, I'll have supper ready when you get back." She never did go. No, she's never went since. Not long after that she met George; George is a Christian. That–that settled it then. She's trying to tell Mrs. Wood about it the other day. She said, "Oh, I got awful wild." Said, she just… Said, "Daddy and mother committed me to the Lord." Said, "Awful wild…" But that–that was wild to us; we don't want to get any wilder than that.                                                   -Brother William Branham        



About two years, three years ago, Billy Paul got into a habit, got running around there, and that's the reason I had to send him to Waxahachie, to the school. Our public school, with the bunch of little boys and things, all smoking cigarettes and things. And Billy come up home one day and said, "How you getting along, daddy?"I seen a vision pop over him. I said, "Come here a minute, talk to you."He said, "What is it, Daddy?" I said, "What are you doing smoking cigarettes?"He said, "I'm not."I said, "Don't you lie to me, Billy." He commenced to crying.Well, he said, "I–I won't do it no more, daddy." And he went on out. He kept on doing it. He wasn't hiding it; he can't hide it, no, no. I seen a vision, and the Lord showed me that Billy, had disobeyed me, and had jumped through a window, and was going laughing, head over heels, like that, down, on through eternity, turning over and over. And when I come out of the vision, I was screaming to the top of my voice, "Oh, God, don't take my boy. Only boy I have, don't take him, Lord." And I was screaming to the top of my voice. I told Billy.                              

– Brother William Branham



My wife who's in the building somewhere tonight. How the day had been real dull, and we'd had much of carrying on, people upstairs, downstairs everywhere else. And after I finally got everybody out along towards night, I went into the kitchen; and there stood my poor little wife with her head buried in her hands and a crying. There was Sarah and Rebekah fighting on the floor, because of some blocks. Little Joseph was screaming to the top of his voice. You talk about home sweet home; there they were.And when I come in, I put my arm around the little first lady of my home and only one. And I said to her, "Sweetheart, what is the matter?"And she said, "Bill, I'm just about to go crazy." She said, "These kiddies all day long haven't had a bite to eat. People standing around and around and around and different and them arguing: 'The Lord's going to take him down here. The Lord's going over here.'" Said, "Oh, it's such a confusion." Well, I seen right then there was something on, going wrong.  (skipped a few lines) I thought, "Now, Lord God, You help me."And I said, "Sweetheart, you know what?" She's just a woman, you know, and she likes pretty dresses, and you know, and pocketbooks. And she don't get them all the time. She likes them. So I said, "You know, I saw one of the prettiest dresses I ever saw."She said, "You did?"I said, "Yes, honey I did." And I thought, "Lord God, help me now." And I laid my hand over on her little stooped shoulder. And I said, "Honey, you should see it."She said, "Yes."I said, "Lord, be good to me now and help me." I said, "Now, I've got to believe that You're going to do this. This in my little family, and these sick people has got them all upset, but You'll help me."Now, you've got to create an atmosphere, and your faith will do it. (skipped a few lines) So I had my hand on her little shoulder, and I begin to try to create, in my heart. "Lord, I'm happy. There's nothing wrong with me. I love You, You know I do, and You just straighten out my little family." And after while, I said, "Tell you what, honey, I'll show you where those dresses are." Let's get the kiddies a little bite of supper, and then we'll start. And the first thing I got my apron and tied it around me, and I got to helping her and talking about something else. When she got quiet, I looked down, and Sarah and Becky had–had signed the peace treaty, and they were playing; and little Joseph was just a shaking his little rattle box and having a good time. You see, you've got to get in the right kind of an atmosphere.  – Brother William Branham


michaeltidwellfamilyevMichael and his wife Crista, are blessed to have three beautiful children (Noah, Gracie, Luke). They live in the middle TN area and attend Eagle Christian church. He counts it a honor to be involved with Eagle’s View, BYC and serving as a evangelist. They enjoy being outdoors, traveling and above all serving the Lord.




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