When Will He Come?

Perhaps He will come at the dawning
Of a beautiful summer day,
When the birds and flowers are awakening
To welcome the sun's first ray,
And the eastern sky will brighten
With the light of the dawn's caress
And herald the swift arising
Of the "Son of Righteousness."

Perhaps He will come at the evening,
When, weary of toil and care,
We rest and watch as the darkness
Creeps o'er the landscape fair,
And, behind, the stars in their beauty
Shine forth from their depths afar,
But their radiance dims in the glory
Of the "Bright and Morning Star."
Perhaps He will come at midnight,
When earth and its dwellers sleep.
When over the mountains and valleys 
Broods a silence vast and deep,
And the trump of the great archangel
Shall awaken the slumberers there,
And His saints will be caught up together
To meet the Lord in the air.
But whether at dawn or evening,
At midnight or sultry noon,
And whether awake or sleeping,
And the time be distant or soon,
May I live so that I shall be ready
With joy my Saviour to meet,
And feel no alarm at His coming,
But hasten His heralds to greet.
                                               – author unknown
Taken from The Voice of Healing Magazine 1950
Don't you believe that. Jesus might not come for a hundred years yet. I don't know when He's coming. No man knows when He's coming. But I'm going to try to keep on preaching and doing everything I can till He does come. If He isn't here today, I'll be looking for Him tomorrow. If He isn't here this week, I'll be looking for Him next week. If He isn't here in the next ten years, and I live, I'll be looking for Him the next thirty years. See? I'll still be looking. I don't know when He's coming, but I want to live true to His Word and true to His people, and live like a Christian, and wait for His coming.
-Brother William Branham

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