Youth: A true repentant heart

By Daniel Black

There are many things that can bring joy to a person’s heart in this life such as a new life being born, seeing a sunrise, crossing a mountaintop, or just simply sitting in the cool of the evening and listening to the birds singing in harmony with the environment around them. These are just a few examples of the many to choose from however, the greatest joy and peace one can ever enjoy is a true repentant heart.

What is it that causes the birds to sing with such harmony with no condemnation? How do the flowers blossom forth their own distinct aroma in the midst of such a crooked sinful generation? They are simply doing what they were created to do. They glorify God by simply being who they are and not trying to be anybody else. The sunflower doesn’t try to be a rose, a pine tree doesn’t try to be an oak tree, and a mountain doesn’t try to be a plain.

All of creation is a tremendous orchestra created to be in harmony with its creator. Who is it that tells the sap to go to the roots of the tree for the winter? Or who is it that tells the mountain, you can only come this far? It is God. He is the father of creation. It is overwhelming to see how great things are when they obey the voice of God.

Above all of these things, man’s heart is the most profound miraculous transition of all. Man is born in sin, shaped in iniquity, and speaking lies. A child doesn’t have to be taught to lie or steal. It is born in him. A horse, dog, or even a cat can be tamed and trained by a trainer however, a man can be taught all of his life, but until his nature is changed on the inside, he will naturally walk in unbelief. Jesus said no man can come unto me unless the father draws him.

It is God that calls man to fellowship with Him. In the same way God speaks to the trees and flowers, He speaks to man’s heart to call him to repentance. God always deals with the heart of man, while Satan deals with the mind. While man is just going throughout his life, God will begin to call his heart with a still small voice. What’s God doing? God is leading man to repentance and into a life of fellowship with Himself. When man listens to the voice of God, he is lead into a life of surrender and in the same way the flowers and trees are in harmony with one another, man is brought into harmony with the kingdom of God.

Any fruit starts with a seed and the life inside the seed will manifest as long as the proper nourishment is given. There must be a proper amount of sunlight, soil, and water. As long as the seed has these requirements, it will bear freely who it is. Man is the same way with the seed of God within him. We must have the right kind of environment around us to come to our full potential as a son or daughter of God. The wonderful thing about it is the plants don’t have to make up who they are, but simply abide in the vine, for the life is in the vine. We to must simply abide in the vine and God will bear His life through us.

BroDanielfamilyBrother Daniel  is a minister of the gospel and is a happily married man with 4 wonderful children.  He enjoy’s expressing life to others and encouraging others to live a fruitful life.


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