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Speak the Word

By Samson Shetty

Loving greetings to you all saints in the matchless and wonderful name of our Lord and heavenly bridegroom Jesus Christ ! Trust you all doing well in the Lord and enjoying His blessings every day. We are doing great by His wonderful grace. Thanks to the Lord !

Brother Samson Shetty with "Munna" in the picture. Six months ago, when Munna   was 18 months (One and half year) boy,he fell down from over 20 Ft., height (1st floor) building, as per CT Scan and medical reports,found skull fracture,doctors said he has to go for Surgery,and said seems he'll be in Coma rest of his life. His parents and house hold called and asked me to pray on the phone,it was in the mid night and long ways from our home town. While I'm talking to them on the phone, the Lord remembered my message on "The Good Confession" which I preached 2 weeks ago,before this incident happened.  Something spoke to my heart, "ITS NOT ONLY PREACHING, READING OR HEARING THE WORD. SPEAK THE WORD !!!" ROMANS 10:8. Then I said: GOD IS IN CONTROL ! EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT !! YOUR SON GOT HEALED IN THE NAME OF THE LORD !!! Praise be to the Wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ !!! "Munna" is doing very well now, without any surgery and medications,the LORD touched him in a miraculous way,he's completely alright.   Speak the Word (Positive & Good Confession) under any circumstances. Jesus Christ is our high priest of our confession. Our GOD IS REAL !  HE'S JEHOVAH  RAPHA !! GLORY  TO GOD. AMEN !!!

pastorshettyindiaBrother Samson Shetty is the pastor of LJC Grace Tabernacle in Warangal, India.  He has a strong burden to share the gospel of Christ in his country.   You can contact him at

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