Youth: Daddy told me so! Pt 2

By Timothy Cross

Sin will absolutely ruin your life. And when Satan is through wasting the best years of your life, he'll leave you wrecked in the ditch and walk away laughing without even looking back over his shoulder at you. We counseled the couple, and we asked them to call us if we could be of any further help to them.

I would like for you to join us in praying that God will guide Ronnie and Susan to a place of total surrender where He can clean them up and set them on the right path. As I sat and talked with them, I realized that the only difference between us and them is simply God's tender mercy. If it weren't for God's loving mercy and His infinite grace, I also would be in their condition, and I deserve to be in a worse state.

To someone who may be reading this and fighting a battle between the way you've been raised and those influences that are trying to take you away from your Christian upbringing, I want to offer this: Go to God in prayer and and tell Him everything you are feeling. Talk to Him, just like you would talk to a regular person. Tell Him everything, no matter how awkward or embarrassing it may seem. Then ask God to help you. Ask Him for strength to resist the temptation. Don't worry or fear what might happen if you were to be overtaken by the enticement — God's grace is greater.

One of the greatest things I know of is to be able to love God as sincerely as those who have walked through life's deepest and darkest valleys — without ever actually having to go through those places. God forgives, but scars take time to heal. It would be better to have never obtained those scars.

My desire is for you to know the Lord Jesus as a Saviour and Redeemer; but ideally, you can have that relationship now with God while avoiding the many pitfalls and heartaches that will leave you scarred for the rest of your life. Some of life's mistakes will leave you with memories and "souvenirs" from those wayward places that can never be erased.

If you have committed your problems in prayer to God and still feel that you need help, take your battle another step forward. Go to your parents or to your pastor. If you're married, talk to your spouse. In other words, go to someone who is godly — to someone you can trust and confide in. Tell them everything you're up against and all that you're feeling inside. Remember that Satan is powerless when he is exposed. Just being able to vocalize and share the things you're struggling with can disarm the enemy and give you the victory over the situation.

Follow this advice, and I can assure you that God will deliver you. He will give you the strength to overcome and to be victorious. Everything about you is for a purpose, even the things that you cannot control and those things that you don't understand. Give everything you are to the Lord Jesus, and He will mold you into the beautiful person that He envisioned before you were born into this world.

Don't wait until you find yourself in a sad situation like Susan and Ronnie. Follow your Christian tutoring — thank God for providing it! And give the devil a black eye by proving that God's "Keeping Grace" is no less than His "Saving Grace." I'm proud of you, soldier, and I'm pulling for you!

The insert below made  by Bro David Timothy (the brother who was with me).

Perseverance 1962 Jeff. Par. 238 " A man here sometime ago was telling me, said he went to… said, "You know, a–a little bitty devil about that big stood up before me one time in a dream." He said, "That devil said, 'boo'; and I, 'umph.' And," said, "every time I'd jump back, he got bigger and I got littler." Said, "The first thing you know, 'boo,' and I'd jump back. And he… every time go, 'boo, boo,'" jump at him. Said he'd get back, get back, get back. Said, "He got bigger than I was." And said, "I knowed I had to fight him. So I–I didn't find nothing, so I just picked up a Bible, and I… he went 'boo'; I went 'boo,' too." Said, "He got to getting little." That's right." My precious brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter how little bitty that sin may seem, if we turn aside from Gods precious Word and listen to Satan, the sin will become more and more and that devil will grow bigger and bigger. It will become harder and harder to resist and eventually it will overtake you. The devil is only as big as you allow him to be. Stand strong, hold to the Word and God will see you through. He will defend you. If you desire to be one with Christ, take him at His Word. We are all in this together. Remember, WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS. God Bless You!

timothyfaithcrossEvangelist  Timothy Cross resides in South Carolina with his wife Sister Faith.  They attend Grace Covenant Tabernacle.  He has a desire to encourage young people to keep pressing on.




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