Guest Post: Sharing the love of Christ in India

By Noel & Shirley Johnson 

Dear Family and Friends: 

Until you know the loving hand that reaches down to a fallen man,
Then pick him up from out of sin where he has trod.
Until you know just how it feels to know that God is really real.
Then you know nothing until you know God and his  love.

How does one learn of God and His love if there is no one willing to go and tell? We are a blessed couple in that we are chosen to be about our Heavenly Fathers work in the country of India. In the last seven years we have seen much growth in India as a nation spiritually as we see more and more accept God and his love. What a blessing to see their faces when they finely understand what the Love of God really is. That he died for all their sins.

Many times I have notice that here in the states many don’t realize the meaning of living a life for Christ Jesus. In India it is different because there the cast system is very strong, if one is not Hindu or Muslim one no longer has an identity! What this means is that there is no government help for food, a place to live and or even an education for the children once you become a Christian. So when they except Christ they know that life is going to be tough, tougher than ever before! Many times their own families disinherit them. They have no one to turn to besides a fellow Christian believer. Which of us here in the United States have to deal with this as a babe in Christ? I hear so often that life is hard as a Christian. Well then get more of Jesus on the inside He will carry you through. I only mention this to remind each of you to pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus in India and the other foreign countries daily. We covet your prayers also!

Evangelist Noel and Sister Shirley spend time in India each year.   They reside in North Carolina and attend Bible Tabernacle Church. They have a strong passion of sharing the love of God with others.    To receive their newsletter please contact

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  1. December 6, 2012 @ 9:24 pm Samson Shetty

    Shalom to you all saints in the matchless and marvelous name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ !
    Yes,we know Brother Noel and Sister Shirley Johnson from North Carolina,USA. They are a wonderful couple ! They are working in the vineyard of our Lord by sharing the love of God,spreading the Word of this hour and winning souls for God’s kingdom in the country of India.
    Really it’s a blessing to have like precious brother Noel and Sister Shirley Johnson in Christ Jesus.
    This is the Evening Time Evangelism !!!

    May the Lord bless you and all your efforts for His kingdom. Amen !

    Brother Samson Shetty,pastor.
    WARANGAL506002.A.P. INDIA.


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