Unnoticed miracles

By Michael Tidwell

I do not think any of us really wanted to jump but when you have a group of teenage boys together, the atmosphere is filled with adrenaline and the thought of being considered a coward is almost unbearable.  On that summer day, we were standing on a bridge talking about what a rush it would be to jump over into the lake. The fifty foot jump did not bother me but what did bother me is the thought of how many people had drowned jumping off that bridge into the man made lake. Almost yearly, some young man would jump, get tangled into a tree limb underwater and they would pull his body out a few days  later. We stood there contemplating about whether we would jump when we heard footsteps.  “You’re not planning on jumping are you?” The deep voice was coming from the cop who was walking toward us. He showed us grace and allowed us to to leave with only a verbal warning.  We left boasting to each other how we would of jumped if that cop had not showed up. I am not sure what would of happened that day if we had jumped – perhaps nothing. But there is a strong possibility that God saved one of our skins that day. How many times God watches over us and keeps us from catastrophes that we are not aware of? God does not always have a parade when he saves us from such calamities.  Many times we are not even aware of the unrecognized miracles God performs. The next time you are stuck in traffic or there is a hiccup in your day, take notice God could be performing an unnoticed miracle.

And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

Michael and his wife Crista,  are blessed to have three beautiful  children (Noah, Gracie, Luke).  They  live in the middle TN area and  attend Eagle Christian church.   He counts  it a honor to be involved with Eagle’s View, BYC  and serving as a evangelist.   They  enjoy being outdoors, traveling and above all serving the Lord.

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