Guest Post: It’s a new day

By Brother Daniel Black

Today is a new day! The thing that I like about a new day is that you can examine your attitude from the previous days and the decisions you made and make improvements. We have the ability to constantly be working on the building. You see houses around and some are well kept up and the place looks nice even when its old. Many houses on the other hand, even new ones,  look very ran down. It could be that the owners don’t have the finances or the physical ability to keep the place up. Yet then again some people just don’t care what things look like. We have something about us that we can work on that doesn’t take finances or even great physical strength. That is our attitude and our approach. The way our home or vehicle is kept up reflects our character. If you see a house or vehicle that is clean and smells good it speaks of the environment that the owner is comfortable in dwelling. If you see a vehicle or home that is filthy inside and out, it speaks that the owner is too busy to clean, not able to clean, or doesn’t care. What is it that defines being clean? There is something we must compare to in order to judge whether something is clean or not. The Word of God is the Absolute, so lets examine our life today and ask ourselves; do I need to clean today or make adjustments?

Brother Daniel  is a minister of the gospel and is a happily married man with 4 wonderful children.  He enjoy’s expressing life to others and encouraging others to live a fruitful life.  You can visit him at

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