She was a beauty

By Michael Tidwell

When I first laid eyes on her, I was struck.  She was a beauty.  I was sixteen and after I handed the guy $500, she would be mine.  She was a 1966 Corvair and it was the summer of 1993.    I had worked and saved several hundred dollars.   She was primed brown, burned oil, had no carpet on the floor, the heater was not dependable, and of course no air conditioning.  But for some reason, I did not notice any of the blemishes until later.  I would drive around town, like I was driving a Cadillac.  A visiting minister once told my parents that they could tell who my true friends were by those who would ride with me.  To be honest, I did not comprehend what he was saying.  I did not see why anyone would not want to ride in my car.  A year and a half past and my eyes begin to open.  I started noticing the smoke rings it left at the red light and that prime brown was not a color.  Discontentment set in.  It was not long after that I bought a brand new Miata.   My how she sparkled.   I was awed by how wonderfully and beautifully she was made.   Time moved on.  The paint began to fade, a few ding’s mired the body.   She rattled when she got over 60 MPH.   Finally, I parked her, with the hope of one day restoring her.   It is a fact of life, what brings us excitement today, we will find boring and mundane tomorrow.    John D. Rockefeller was once asked, “How much money is enough? He said, “One dollar more.”   Within each one of us, there is a craving for true happiness.   Though we may find a limited amount of earthly happiness  in our  toy’s and hobbies, it is very temporary.    There is only One that can fulfill the quest for limitless happiness and it is the One who said, “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…”

Michael and his wife Crista,  are blessed to have three beautiful  children (Noah, Gracie, Luke).  They  live in the middle TN area and  attend Eagle Christian church.   He counts  it a honor to be involved with Eagle’s View, BYC  and serving as a evangelist.   They  enjoy being outdoors, traveling and above all serving the Lord.

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