As a little Child

Having three young children of my own,  I have noticed certain qualities that most children possess.   I would like to share a few quotes by Brother William Branham regarding these child like attributes.

  A little child is the pattern of the Kingdom of God.  (SECONDHANDED.ROBE)

Tender hearted

Just a moment. A rebuke of the Holy Spirit: when some two hundred hands or better went up a few moments ago, and when I made the altar call, about three hundred went out the door, going the other way, and a little boy, two of them, has come and knelt down here by the side. Talk about a Sodom and Gomorrah, talk about a day of judgment at hand, when God in His mercy, showing everything that He can do, and people so Gospel-hardened till they walk right out in the face of the Holy Ghost.   (CONFIRMATION.AND.EVIDENCE)


 I’d rather be young, and green, and be flexible, have some life, than to be old, and stiff, and dead, and have nothing. So even a little wildfire, instead of no fire at all. (THE.IMPERSONATION.OF.CHRISTIANITY)


How we praise our dear Lord for all the little ones. You know, it just seems strange how we were once little like that. And there’s something about a baby that’s unselfish, so forgiving, and so kind. Even our Lord likened unto them and said, “Except ye become converted and be as one of these little ones.” So easy. I noticed my little Joseph, how he’s just the age to be into everything, and the mother will just have to correct him, and he will pull the lamp off or whatevermore, just to hear it hit the floor. And then, if the mother happens to spank him or something, he will climb right up in her arms and put his arms around her like that. (JOSEPH.MEETING.HIS.BRETHREN.)


 I can teach a five year old child the Kingdom of God, better that I can teach a man that’s got a degree out of college. I can teach him Christ better. He’s simple. He just listens to what you say. Watch coming to the platform. You’ll never see God turn a child down. He don’t do it. No, sir. Because they’re just simple in faith. They believe it. And when they believe it, that just settles it. God says so, and that takes care of it. The little child will believe it. (AFRICA.TRIP.REPORT)

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