Every person has a story

By Michael Tidwell

“You have plans for Valentine’s?”  She asked, as she continued without effort to cut my hair.  “We went out to eat with the kid’s.”  I said,  figuring the conversation was over.  It was quiet, I was the only customer in the little hair salon.  Tabby kept cutting.  “Is it still cold outside?”  She asked.  I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or if she was trying  to void the silence.  “Yes, it seems like it’s even colder than it was this afternoon.”   Crista and the kid’s was out in the car waiting for me.  I was tired and ready to get home.  Hopefully, she was almost finished.   Slowly, Tabby began to share her story.    She had moved to Tennessee because her seventy-nine year old dad was on oxygen and he could breath better here.  Her daughter was planning to attend college here.  Things were a lot easier for Tabby in Florida, but she moved to make it easier for her dad and daughter.  “I will take care of him as long as I can.” Tabby said quietly, causing me to wonder if she was trying to reassure  herself that everything would be okay.  We started to chat a little more.  She unfolded a little more of her story.  Before I knew it she was finished and I paid and started to walk  out the door.  I felt press to turn around and give her my number and invite her to church.   I might not ever see the woman again. But maybe  I was able to give her a little encouragement.  

Before we write off the outcast, we should remember behind that scarred and weary face is a story.  God just might use you to help that story have a happy ending.

Brother William Branham shares a beautiful story of redemption.  He was in a restaurant and he  saw a sixty year old rough looking woman with two men.  God convicted his heart for passing judgement on her.  Before he left,  He walked over to the woman to ask for forgiveness.

I walked over to where she was. I thought, “I have to make this right before I leave.” I walked over; I said, “How do you do?” She said, “Oh, hello.” I said, “You mind if I set down?” She said, “Oh, I got company.” I said, “Sister, I didn’t mean it like that.” I said, “I just want to talk to you a minute.” And I set down there and begin to tell her. And as I noticed, as I was telling her, that black stuff she had on her eyes begin to wash down over her face; she was crying. She said, “What’s your name? You’re not that Mr. Branham down here in this…” I said, “Yes, ma’am.” She said, “I’m ashamed of myself.” And she set down there and told me a story of a father who was an old fashion Methodist preacher, of two girls in the world then, but she told a  story of what had been done and bruised her. Many times we see people; we don’t know what’s behind that  story  And then I listened to her, and she said, “Sir, I once knowed God. I went to church with my daddy and my mother. But she told me her story which is very bad, that–that she’d got into sin. And she said, “There’s not a chance for me.” I said, “Do love Him?” She said, “‘Course I love Him.” I said, “How could you love Him if He didn’t love you?” There by the hand I took her, and on the middle of that floor there, we had a prayer meeting. We broke up the slot machine gang and things like that. And she was led to the Lord Jesus. Why? There was an atonement waiting there to accept her, take her sins away. (SHOW.US.THE.FATHER.AND.IT.WILL.SATISFY.US 59-0419E)

Michael and his wife Crista,  are blessed to have three beautiful  children (Noah, Gracie, Luke).  They  live in the middle TN area and  attend Eagle Christian church.   He counts  it a honor to be involved with Eagle’s View, BYC  and serving as a evangelist.   They  enjoy being outdoors, traveling and above all serving the Lord.

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