Brother Stewart

I received a call last week, that Brother Stewart had went home to be with the Lord.    I met Bro. Stewart, several years back at a singing in GA.   We talked for a long time and he candidly shared with me his journey to Christ.    I left Bro. Stewart, with awareness  that he was the type of man  that you enjoy being around because of the atmosphere that he created.   A few years ago,  my dad went hunting in Georgia with a few brothers and Brother Stewart was one of them.  Dad came back and told me how  Brother Stewart had shared at the campfire his battle with cancer and what God was teaching him.  My dad’s life was touched.    I called Bro. Stewart and we began working together  on sharing his journey in Eagle’s View.  We were blessed to be able to include it in the latest issue of Eagle’s View. During the process, I had the privilege of speaking to Brother Stewart   several times and each time, I was  awed with the humility he showed.  Brother Stewart  summed it up well at the end of his his testimony in Eagle’s View.  ” What Satan meant for evil, God turned for good.  Never have I known such love, such faith, such peace with God. This is truly the Bride’s manifesting time declaring that God has a people on the earth that is totally surrendered to Christ.  That is what He is coming back for and I am so glad to be a part of that.” 

Please keep the McNelley family in your prayers.

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