Guest Post: Only the Blood

It is good to hear or read stories of how the Lord has worked in the days gone by. Before there ever was a earth, stars, or even angels, all there was, was God. Yet, He wasn’t even God yet, because God is object of worship. He had all of these attributes inside of Him to be a creator, father, healer, comforter, savior, and many more wonderful attributes including the one great attribute-God. However all there was that filled all was Himself and His thoughts. A person can have the gift to be a musician, but until they come to the point of playing music they will never come to that position of being a “musician”. God having these attributes on the inside of all these things put a longing in Himself to be all of these things the same way a young lady has the attribute to be a wife. At some point in her life, she will have a longing in the inside to be loved and desired by the man she will spend the rest of her life with in holy matrimony. There came a time where He created the angels that worshiped Him and He became “God” object of worship. The scriptures read that He created heaven and earth. He created man in His own image and then created him a body to dwell in. Now He is creator and father. He allowed the serpent to beguile Eve to bring the fall of man to bring into play the opportunity to display Himself as “savior”. Satan expecting to see God bring death upon man for partaking of the forbidden fruit was surprised by a new attribute of Him that he never saw before-Mercy. God clothed Adam and Eve with sheep skins. I can imagine as Adam and Eve began to leave the garden seeing the charibum standing on the east side with the flaming sword Adam began to remember what a blessing it had been to have been able to dwell in the presence of God in a perfect Garden. Now he is going to leave this wonderful place and as Adam had tear filled eyes he began to feel something running down his legs. What was it? The blood of the Lamb! I can imagine he now receives the revelation that by the blood of the lamb he will be coming back one day. And friends that is where salvation lies is in the blood of the Lamb. Its not in church attendance, paying tithes, or even how we dress though those things are good and will follow the believer. We are saved by His Grace through faith in the blood of the Lamb.

God bless,

Brother Daniel Black

ABOUT:  Brother Daniel Black is a minister of the gospel and is a happily married man with 4 wonderful children.  He enjoy’s expressing life to others and encouraging others to live a fruitful life.  You can visit him at

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