Supernatural suitcase

It's just a gray little suitcase.  There is nothing impressive about it.  But inside there are treasures from my childhood.  There is a music box that my grandma gave to me on my birthday, right before she passed away.  There is a cassette of a sermon that I preached when I was a young boy.  My audience was my sister.  There is a book cover that my cousin left when he moved away as a teenager.   It reminds me of the good time's that Jason and I shared for a brief season of our lives. He has since passed away.  The little suitcase  is filled to the brim with what most people would consider junk.  Yea, most of it  would be in the free bin at a yard sale.   But for me each item reminds me of an experience that I had.    As I hold the school book that my grandma gave to me  a long time ago, I am transported back to her house. I travel upstairs and take a right and then take another right and there I  remember vaguely her taking it off the bookshelf and handing it to me.     Our walk with God is filled with experiences.   God desires us to hold onto those experiences and gain faith from them.   When I was a child, my appendix came very close to rupturing.  I ended up in the hospital for a week.  God saw me through it.  I placed that experience in my supernatural suitcase.    A few year’s back , the belt broke on our car while Crista was driving down interstate.   The mechanic was positive that it had done engine damage.  We prayed and believed that everything was going to be okay.  Not only was it okay but God provided the money to have it fixed almost to the penny.  We are still driving that  car at 263,000 miles.  That experience is in my supernatural suitcase.  We were at DQ one night and Gracie was running to the door when a car came around the curve.  Crista screamed and the car stopped within five feet of hitting Gracie.  That experience is sitting in my supernatural suitcase.  When Satan comes to me with doubt and attempts to convince me why it cannot be done, I get out my supernatural suitcase and I show  him why it can be done!

  Keep on the firing line,

Bro. Michael Tidwell

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  1. August 21, 2012 @ 10:39 am Steve

    What a wonderful thought. For we all hold experiences, sometimes we call memories. I have found that even my experiences may not be important to some, to me they are priceless. How much greater is our experiences with the LORD ! These times are also something that the enemy cannot take away from us. God Bless You, Bro. Steve


  2. August 21, 2012 @ 10:54 am Steve

    Truly we all are on journey. Its good to look in that suitcase every once in awhile to see what GOD has done for us before. We all need encouragement on this journey. Even the Bible tells us that David encouraged himself in the LORD. God Bless


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