Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord.  

Before I share with you the history of Eagle’s View, I would like to mention some of the other ministries that we are involved in. Eagle Christian Church, is the church that we have pastored since 1988. This is the home of The Eagle’s View and the other sites mentioned here. The Tidwells is our song writing and singing outreach musical ministry. In 1972, we recorded our first album, I was a very young man then. Since those days, we have recorded many CDs and have traveled across the United States. The Honor Roll is a website that we have dedicated to message ministers that have passed on to their reward. May God Bless you as you visit these sites.

The history surrounding The Eagle’s View newsletter began soon after purchasing a building in 1993 for the “Eagle Christian Church” of LaVergne, Tennessee. Our initial inspiration came from the building which we had bought. For the previous eight years, it  had been the home of the “Save The Eagle Foundation”. As our little group was moving eagle cages, feathers, eagle stationary to make room for church seats, (Save the Eagle Foundation moved and continued their eagle rehab program at  Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee), we were thinking about how they had taken special care of the little eagles as they prepared them for the wild. That is how it all began.

One fall Sunday evening, after a few months in our new building we announced to the church that we were starting a newsletter beginning the first of 1993. We believed that it would go around the world touching many lives. It seemed so unreal at that time for none of us had any computer experience, especially knowledge relating to  desktop publishing. Despite this, the announcement was made under inspiration and we began to look to Him. I remember the first several issues, as elementary as they were, they set the stage of our objective, to draw Believers together. The first issue carried a picture of a fellowship meeting with several pastors present.  It also included meeting  announcements from different churches in the southern states. We quickly began putting together articles from newsletters from different churches. Not knowing what the Lord was doing, this is what soon made Eagles View widely acceptable along with our desire to encourage the youth.    For true pastors and Believers know as Paul told Agrippa… “this thing was not done in a corner (geographically)”. Eagle’s View was becoming blessed.

We are not promoting ecumenicalism, however, we are spreading real quality Brotherhood. For with each issue, comes dozens of different church addresses and names. That to me is exciting and I feel blessed to have been able to be a part of it.  There has never been a newsletter dedicated to Message believers like it before.   Eagle’s View is an overview of the working of the Holy Spirit among God’s children, past and present. Though it will never be big in the eyes of some because of the absence of self promoting, to me, this humble approach reaches to His Highest Praise.

Today (August 2012), Eagle View is mailed to over 160 message churches within the US. Circulation is at 2300 per issue.   My son, Michael and I devote a lot of  time and effort to Eagle’s View. The cost is great, yet God up to this time has supplied every need. We believe the future for EV has never look brighter as the world grows darker, for it is needed like never before. A few years back, a isolated church group in Alaska wrote and stated, “we love EV, for it makes up feel like we are a part of what God is doing in other places”. That sums it up for me.    That is what EV is all about, bringing believers together and to be an encouragement.

God be with you,

Bro. James Tidwell

About:  Brother James Tidwell resides in middle Tennessee with his  wife Sister Anitha Tidwell.  He has been the pastor of Eagle Christian Church   shy of  twenty-five years.

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  1. August 1, 2012 @ 1:07 pm Meslam P. Timawus

    God bless you fellow Message Believers for your efforts. May the Lord God prosper you and expand your Ministry.


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