Are your hands dirty?

A few months ago, my  dad and I  were printing Eagle’s View.   We were watching each page to make sure there  was no problems.   There is  nothing glamorous about watching pages spit out of a printer.   But what makes the situation unique, is that it is part of a calling that began nineteen years ago.  Each page that is printed is us fulfilling a calling that we believe God has called us to do.     If you want to do something for the Lord you must be willing to get your hands dirty and sweat a little bit.   How many missionaries at this moment are getting their hands dirty? They are living in undesirable conditions, to further the Word of God.   I received a text this morning from a brother on his way to Nicaragua.  He’s getting  his hands dirty for the Lord.  The past few day’s,  we  have had the opportunity to host Brother Godwin and Sister Gloria from India.  This afternoon, I will be taking them to the bus station as they begin a fifteen hour journey to their next destination.   They are in their mid 70’s and  they are still  getting their hands dirty for the Lord.    There are Ministers that preach the Message, who do not lean upon a  denomination to give them a salary, insurance or retirement plan. Most have to work secular jobs to supplement their income.  They are getting their hands dirty for the Lord.   There are countless brothers and sisters  who spends their time in prayer and  helping those that are in need.  They are getting their hands dirty for the Lord.

I love the story that Brother Branham shared about the girl from Kentucky.   Like the little girl up here in Kentucky that died recently up in the hills, way back. There was about eight children. One little girl about the middle of them, around twelve years old, her sisters and brothers were so lazy and wouldn’t do nothing, and her mother lay dying with the horrible disease of tuberculosis. And the little girl, she done the mopping, the cooking, the washing, the taking care of her mother, while the rest of them loafed around–played and went swimming. Finally her mother died, and then the little girl had to continue on, ’cause none of them would work. And she worked, and she worked, and she worked, until finally she took the dreaded disease, malnutrition and not having enough to eat, and so forth, the little thing’s body broke down. She was dying. Some Sunday school teacher came in to her and said, “Are you a Christian?”She said, “Yes, I am.”Said, “What denomination do you belong to?”She said, “I don’t belong to any denomination.”Said, “Then tell me: how in the world are you going to meet Jesus. What are you going to show Him what church you belong to?” She said, “I’ll just show Him my hands. He’ll understand.”  (Brother William Branham –  59-0812  DISCERNING.THE.BODY.OF.THE.LORD )

Perhap’s we should check our hands and make sure they are not to clean.

Keep on the firing line,

Bro. Michael Tidwell

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  1. July 24, 2012 @ 12:59 pm Meslam P. Timawus

    Thanks for the encouragement. God bless you.


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