Brother Ron Powell shares with us how he found his home church and how every church member should feel about their home church.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. My name is Brother Ron Powell. I am the assistant Deacon at Divine Love Christian Fellowship, in Champlin, Minnesota; under the ministry of my pastor and friend, Pastor Paul Baird. I would like to share with you how the Lord brought my family to Divine Love Christian Fellowship.


My family lived about three or four blocks from the church. I was not serving God, I was living for myself. At that time, my wife and I had two children. My oldest son Tobias was three years old, and my youngest son Zaavan was one and a half. Sometimes my family and I would walk or ride our bikes to a nearby park. We would pass a church (which is our church now). Though I was doing the things of the world and not going to church; I was starting to feel the Lord call me out of the world. I had stopped listening to certain music,  and now I had a desire to listen to gospel music. I was reading the Bible more. I was feeling that Pull. Neither one of my children had been to church. I grew up Baptist, but my wife did not grow up going to church. Neither one of us knew much about serving God.

On a summer day in 2009, we were walking past the church and my son Tobias pointed at the building and wanted to know what it was. I said, “Son, that is a church.” “Whose church is it?”, he wanted to know. “It is God’s church,” I replied. With a serious look, he said, “No dad, that is our church.” I said, “I guess you could say that.” He said again, “No dad, it is our church.” I gave him a response that I thought would satisfy his question. He again said, “No dad, it is our church.” I finally just left it alone. During this time, God had been dealing with me for about four or five months. There was a lot of supernatural events that had happened and I was trying to avoid it. I was fighting it as much as I could.  I had been reading in the scripture about paying tithes and that it was something that  God wanted us to do. Even though we were not going to church, I told my wife that we needed to start paying our tithes.  I am blessed with a wife who is humble and sweet and when I mentioned to her that we needed to pay tithes, she was on board.  We started putting our tithes in a milk jug on the counter.  Our plan was to find someplace to donate it to. I was still smoking and doing things of the world, but I felt pressed that this was what we were supposed to be doing.


A couple of months went by and one Saturday evening, I came home from work and told my wife, “Sweetie, tomorrow we are going to church. We are going to get up early, everyone will dress in their best outfit and we are going to find a church.”    She was in agreement with me.  The next morning, we got dressed for church and started driving.  There was a Lutheran church (I did not know it was a Lutheran church at that time) that was two blocks from our house.   We drove to that church and there were cars in the parking lot.  I drove into the parking lot and I said, “No, this is not it.”  I did a u-turn and started to leave.   My wife did not understand why we did not just stay.   As soon as I did the u-turn, I said, “I know where we are going.”  The Lord turned my car around in that Lutheran parking lot.  Now I know that I was being led by the Spirit.  I said, “We are going to the church over by the park.”  We went in there and had a great service.  Pastor preached and there was good worship. Everybody had the joy of the Lord. We started going to that church.  For a few months, we would come in a little bit late and we would leave a little bit early.  We did not really talk to anybody.  We were still sinning and doing things that we had no business doing.  God was calling us out.  A few months later, on a watch night service, God broke me down.  I have never been the same since.  We were baptized in July 2010.  One day, the Lord spoke to me and said, “this is your church.” I had forgotten what my son had said back in the summer of 2009. It was brought back to my remembrance of what God had spoken through my little son, Tobias, at the age of three.  I said, “Praise God, Praise God, Praise God.”  I am blessed He led me to this church and right to the Message.  I do not need to look around or wonder if I am at the right church because God specifically told me, “That is  our church.”


I hope this testimony is a blessing to you.  
Brother Ron Powell



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